Scar Tissue Therapy (with Chrissy Drew)

ScarWork™ is the brainchild of Sharon Wheeler of Seattle, USA. Over many years Sharon developed an approach to working with scars that has only been available to be taught to UK therapists since 2014.

Following operations or accidents, scars will almost inevitably lead to the possibility of developing adhesions, where restriction of the natural movement of connective tissues of the body can result.

ScarWork™ is a gentle therapy, employing the lightest of touch to enable the reconfiguration of damaged soft tissues, normally reducing the adhesions left by the scarring and improving the scar’s appearance.  Adhesions connect structures that should not be connected; this can restrict mobility, organ function and thereby creating a feeling of tightness and/or pain.

This approach may seem counter-intuitive as the old approach used to be one of ‘breaking down’ scar tissue, but the light touch has proved to be both effective and painless.


ScarWork™ Treatment (30 min) £40.00
ScarWork™ Treatment (45 min) £54.00